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William Wordsworth Love Poems

Here is a list of William Wordsworth Love Poems

  1. Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower
  2. She Was A Phantom Of Delight
  3. The Solitary Reaper
  4. Solitude

English poetry has known great personas and William Wordsworth is definitely one of them. He is remembered for being the last romantic of his epoch who has left an abundance of love poems to the public eye which charm, intrigue and inspire the many even nowadays. The reason for this is, probably, the sacramental and spiritual connection embroidered between a reader and the narrator that makes us wonder and meditate over the miracle called ‘love’.

The most popular publication of the English man is ‘Lyrical Ballads’(1798) which comprised sentimental verses on intimacy, family relationships, nature observations and poet’s noteworthy experiences. He is famous for his elaborated style of writing which turns every verse into a hymn to the beauty of nature and people. He would always work outside just to be closer to them. William Wordsworth’s love poetry is inspired by two things: his sister’s journals and diaries, as she cared for him when he was a little boy; and his garden at the mansion of Rydal Mount, where he could spend hours just watching nature do its magic. Therefore, he carried kindness, wholeheartedness and vital energy throughout his entire life and they are depicted in his ballads.

‘How great delight from those sweet lips I taste, Whether I hear them speak, or feel them kiss!’, he writes in his ‘How Great Delight’ and brings a reader into a marvelous journey of passion and tenderness, glorifying the feeling of the splendid first love. One will never find dark gloomy descriptions of long unbearable nights in Wordsworth’s poems about love, since he cherishes and honors it within every word of his fascinating line. In short, William Wordsworth’s writing is a remarkable experience for any reader who wants to live through love and affection like for the first time.